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Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips

Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips

Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips    Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips

Dental Absorbent Gutta Percha Points Taper. Dental Orthodontic MBT Self-ligating Bracket. Dental Stainless Steel Screw Posts Kits Assorted. Endo Ultra sonic activation Endo irrigator. Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips.

The Easydo Activator system uses technology of sonic energy for root canal. The driver work with the Hand device, motor and needle tip to. Provide power for tip oscillation and vibration. Has shown that cavitation and acoustic streaming can improve debridement.

And the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. Fluids streaming enter the Pulp Chamber, Root Canal, Lateral canal.

Connection of inter-root canal and root apex to ensure deep cleaning and. It is beneficial to complete the 3D filling of the.

Root canal and ensures long-term success. 1 Remove the needle tip of EasyDO Activator. If your treatment process is.

Over, please leave it for medical recycling. 2 Please put exhaustively discharged battery into the recycling box. Do not submerge the unit in water. Do not autoclave the unit. 1 The EasyDO Activator system is only used by dental professionals.

2 The EasyDO Activator system is comprised of the Hand device and. Activator needle tips of various sizes. If the system functions are used. Correctly, the equipment can maintain a normal operation. Prohibited to use non-original components, which will damage the.

Equipment and make it unable to work normally. Include the Easydo activator hand device, needle tip and protective cover. The Easy smile reference number of the. The reference numbers of the EasyDO. The handle device provides three speeds sonic motor adjustment options.

The speed gears switch setting adjustment is ultimately. Determined by the procedure to be performed, the cliniclan' experience can. Efficiently complete the clinical task. 4 The handle device don't require calibration for normal use. All clinical treatment should be performed with Easydo activator.

Protective barrier sleeve that placed over the hand device. 6 In the course of treatment, we should use sterilized and individually. Packed needle tip, otherwise it will cause root canal infection.

7 It is necessary to use EasyDO Activator system correctly a. Treatment specifications and operation manual to prevent injury to patients.

8 Improper using of the hand device may result in broken handle of the. Equipment and damage of internal components. 9 The EasyDO Activator needle tips and protective sleeve are intended for.

Cross contamination may occur to the patient if. Needle tips and protective barriers are re-used. Ofthemainframe withinthisyear, the EASYINSMILE companywill. Damagecausedbymisuse, abuse, neglectofpromptorchange of the. 10 Properly dispose the Activator needles tip and hand device protective. Barriers in accordance with the local laws and regulations and environmental. 11 Dispose the battery after being used in accordance with the local laws.

And regulations and environmental protection requirements, when battery is. 12 The hand device must be repaired if necessary according to the direction. 13 Don't insert needle tip into the hand device.

If the equipment is not used. For a long time, placing the hand device into packing box is recommended. 14 Remove the battery when the hand device is not used for a long time. 15 The hand device can be kept at the temperature of 0.

16 The hand device should be keep away from strong electromagnetic. Interference, which may affect the performance and normal use of hand. 17 The hand device should be kept away from portable or mobile RF. Communication devices, which may affect the performance of hand device. 18 The hand device could not be adjacent to or stored with other equipment.

In addition, it is necessary to check regularly whether the hand device can. 19Properdisposalofthehand device isrequired whenthehand piece. Debridement / disinfection / root canal therapy.

Indoor environment; Temperature range: 0. AA grade LR6, 1.5v mercury-free alkaline dry battery.

L 183mm W 23mm H43.1mm. 6PressON/OFF buttonfor 1 second, youcanseethebatterypower. Protectivebarrier sleeve, removetheneedle tip andstoreitin the. The needle tip andprotectivesleeve are. Depressthe" ON /OFF Switch"keyfor1secondtoobservethePower. Please noteifthe"powerindicator"isflashingred, pleasereplacethe. Notice, mini head included 45 tips. The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. USA CHIEF OFFICE:EASYINSMILE(USA)INTERNATIONAL CORP. CHINA FACTORY:CHANGSHA EASYINSMILE MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO LTD Room A501, A502, A504, Jinqiyuan Incubation Mansion, No. Established in 2009, EASYINSMILE MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO. We stock are located in USA.

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  1. Generation: Second(45 tips)
  2. Brand: Easyinsmile
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  4. Intended Use/Discipline: Dental Laboratory, Dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics
  5. Model: sonic activator irrigator
  6. Ultrasonic Scaler Type: handheld
  7. Warehouse: USA/China
  8. Custom Bundle: Yes
  9. Bundle Description: Easyinsmile package
  10. Battery: Wireless
  11. Endo Files: 02/15、04/25、06/35

Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips    Dental Endo Sonic Activator Root Ultrasonic Clean Endodontic Irrigator + 60 Tips